L.M. Samchynska, medical editor of “Reproductive endocrinology” Journal
M.G. Ploshenko, CEO of “Reproductive endocrinology” Journal
While evidence-based medicine has become an indispensable condition not only in the work of doctors, but also in the priorities of patients, for many Ukrainian clinicians and researchers continue to be difficult access to the international scientific world. This article is help in the implementation of this issue.
Elsevier is one of the largest scientific publishing houses in the world, annually publishes about a quarter of all articles in scientific journals published in the world and has branches in different countries. Since 1999, Elsevier has launched ScienceDirect, an online publisher's resource database. Based on it in 2004 the largest bibliographic and abstract database Scopus were created.
To publish the results of your research in Elsevier journals follow these steps: select a journal to publish, read the rules for submitting and registering papers in this journal, prepare and submit an article, track the status of its consideration, prepare changes for it if necessary.
There are a number of scientometric indicators to assess the performance of the authors and the ranking of publications. The Hirsch Index is a characteristic of a scientist’s productivity, based on the number of his publications and the number of citations of these publications; calculated on the basis of the distribution of citations of the researchers works. The citation index of articles is an abstract database of scientific publications, indexes the links indicated in the article lists of publications and provides quantitative indicators of these links. Impact factor is a numerical indicator of the importance of a scientific journal, is a criterion by which the level of scientific research in related fields can be compared, calculated over a three-year period.
There are tools to simplify the search and identification of information and authors. DOI (digital object identifier) is a serial number of an electronic document in the global Internet, is supported by the CrossRef association. ORCID is a register of unique identifiers of world scientists, integrated into international scientometric databases, platforms for electronic journals, systems for collecting, storing and exporting scientific data; ORCID supplements/replaces the author's name and first name with a set of numbers.


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